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Make mutable generic collection interfaces implement read-only collection interfaces area-System.Collectionsapi-ready-for-review
dotnet/runtime#31001 marked for review 11 days ago by terrajobst9.0.0
Provide a configurable overload of MemoryCacheEntryOptions for the commonly used method GetOrCreate in MemoryCacheExtension area-Extensions-Cachingapi-ready-for-review
dotnet/runtime#92101 marked for review 10 days ago by adamsitnik9.0.0
More granular X.509 certificate loader area-System.Securityapi-ready-for-review
dotnet/runtime#91763 marked for review 4 days ago by bartonjs9.0.0
Collection<T> and ObservableCollection<T> do not support ranges area-System.Collectionsapi-ready-for-review
dotnet/runtime#18087 marked for review 16 months ago by eiriktsarpalisFuture
add `JsonSerializerOptions.Web` for `JsonSerializerOptions` area-System.Text.Jsonapi-ready-for-review
dotnet/runtime#92181 marked for review 6 days ago by krwqFuture
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