Request Review

There are three methods to get an API review:

  • Get into the backlog. Generally speaking, filing an issue in dotnet/runtime and applying the label api-ready-for-review on it will make your issue show up during API reviews. The downside is that we generally walk the backlog oldest-newest, so your issue might not be looked at for a while. Progress of issues can be tracked via the backlog.
  • Fast track. If you need to bypass the backlog apply both api-ready-for-review and blocking. All blocking issues are looked at before we walk the backlog.
  • Dedicated review. This only applies to area owners. If an issue you are the area owner for needs an hour or longer, send an email to FXDC and we book dedicated time. Rule of thumb: if the API proposal has more than a dozen APIs and/or the APIs have complex policy, then you need 60 min or more. When in doubt, send mail to FXDC.

For more details, take a look at the API review process.

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